About This Blog

We are a birth mother and daughter, Donna and Anne, respectively, who reunited 27 years after Anne’s adoption. Primary among the many things we reconnected through was our shared love of food and cooking. After Donna published her first cookbook, we teamed up on “101 Things to Do With Tofu” and had such a great time we knew we’d have to do more joint food projects. With the economy in peril and with Anne being at home with her first baby, a food blog focusing on affordable cooking seemed like a natural! After spending some time in our first incarnation as FabFrugalFood, we evolved into Apron Strings as a more personal approach – sharing stories from our pasts as we go from time to time.

Donna brings many years of cooking experience to Apron Strings, including expertise in Southwestern cooking, while Anne  offers more  allergen-friendly posts and other healthy fare (with some decadent exceptions, of course). Together we hope to inspire you AND learn from you as we go!

You can contact us at ourapronstrings[at]gmail[dot]com.