60 Second Fresh Tomato Sauce

fresh tomato sauce

If you’ve got bushels of tomatoes in your garden right about now, I highly recommend this fresh tomato sauce. It’s a rare that a recipe can be incredibly easy and have deep, rich flavor all at the same time. This one does.

My taste testers (also known as my family) were licking their plates and asking for more. Once you have everything prepped, this only takes one minute to cook in a hot skillet. Really just so, so delicious.

Every summer I look for new ways to use up the garden tomato bounty. I had good success with making home made tomato paste, and last summer I made roasted tomato sauce for the freezer – both huge successes! Of course, there are few things better in this world than a fresh garden tomato, with or without dirt, and just a tiny bit of salt, eaten over a sink. Tomatoes are a fruit, after all.

Don’t you just love tomato season?

60 Second Fresh Tomato Sauce
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
The flavor and depth of this sauce will shock you - since it is cooked for only one minute!
Recipe type: Vegan Entree
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 4 servings
  • ½ cup good quality extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 cups finely diced fresh ripe tomatoes
  • 2 tablespoons diced basil leaves (plus a little extra for garnish)
  • 2 tablespoons diced oregano leaves
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon pepper
  1. In a large skillet, heat the oil to medium high heat. Add in garlic and tomatoes (they will sizzle rapidly at first), and stir for a few seconds to release steam.
  2. Stir in the basil, oregano, salt and pepper. Let cook for just 30 seconds.

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Fire Cider: Extreme Health Tonic

Fear not! This bold home remedy is not only packed with health-supporting properties, it packs a flavor punch you just might love.

Fire Cider

Homemade Fire Cider Health Tonic

Everything old is new again, right? If you’ve never tried a health tonic, there’s no time like the present, what with all manner of viruses and other seasonal maladies flying around. This potent fire cider is reputed to be warming and energizing, immune-boosting, great for relieving congestion and even a digestive aid. But on top of its health-enhancing properties, throngs of fire cider lovers enjoy its flavor enough to not just throw it back like a shot, but mixing it into lemonade or OJ, putting it in salad dressings in place of vinegar alone, using a few dashes in cocktails, adding it to chili, soups and stew for an extra kick.

If you like video tutorials, check out old school herbal goddess Rosemary Gladstar brewing up a batch. She recommends taking a tablespoon or two when you feel a cold coming on, and then if it sets in, repeat every 3 or 4 hours until symptoms begin to subside. To get the benefit for cold an flu season, make this now, since you want this to steep for at least a few weeks to get the most bang out of it! (And wear goggles when you grate the horseradish. YOW!)  …

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Easy Restaurant Style Enchilada Sauce (Gluten free, Vegan)

 Restaurant style enchiladas – on your home menu!

enchilada sauce

Easy enchilada sauce packed with restaurant worthy flavor.

This falls into the “Why Didn’t I Think of This Before?” category. Every year, our garden is overflowing with tomatoes this time of year. And every year I try to think of ways to preserve the bounty.

I have made my own tomato paste, and my own roasted tomato sauce for the freezer. But until now I have never made enchilada sauce for preserving. This is coming from a person who has as one of my go-to easy meals – huevos rancheros – which was one of my first posts on this blog (apologies for the very bad photo!) -So, you see, I use enchilada sauce all the time in my kitchen.

Enchilada sauce is a cinch to make – and I like to make the kind you eat and love in restaurants – thick and flavorful. And in my version, the chiles peppers thicken the sauce and so you don’t use flour. More flavor, no gluten.

You will have to use dried chile peppers for this recipe, which can be found at some grocery stores, but if you can find a Mexican market near you, they are very abundant and much cheaper there. I got a huge bag for just a few dollars.

You won’t regret the effort to make this flavorful sauce with just a small kick of heat – especially in February, when you can remember warm days in the garden in every bite!

— posted by Donna

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Honey Lime Pepper Jelly #CanItForward

#CanItForward Giveaway!


Honey LIme Jalapeno Jelly

Are you excited about canning season yet? We are giddily participating in the Ball #CanItForward festivities by joining in a giveaway of Ball products, a longstanding staple in our own homes. On Saturday August 16, Jarden Home Brands will celebrate home canning with the first annual International Can-It-Forward Day, when they will gather in New York’s Union Square for a full day of canning and how-tos, all streamed live on the web. All the festivities will be hosted by host Top Chef Hugh Acheson. What a good time, eh?

I am so, so happy that there has been a canning revival in the last few years. There is just something so satisfying about spending a day hard at work and then stepping back and seeing jars and jars of home goodness lining your counter. And jams and jellies are the perfect thing to start developing your canning prowess – the failure rate is low and the deliciousness level is high! This pepper jelly is something I have been making for years and not only serves as a sweet and spicy treat on toast but can be used as a sticky glaze for all types of meats – it is especially great on pork or lamb chops. Maybe you can make it in your own brand-new set of Ball products – make sure you check out our giveaway instructions (and the Honey Lime Pepper Jelly recipe) after the jump. …

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Final Cookbook Celebration Day: Hummus Done Three Ways


Dueling Garbanzos: Hummus 3 Ways! From Virgin Vegan: Everyday Recipes

Dueling Garbanzos: Hummus 3 Ways! From Virgin Vegan: Everyday Recipes




The final day of our celebration!

If you’re just tuning in, our new cookbook (our second, the first being “101 Things To Do With Tofu”) is coming out officially TODAY.   Because we both enjoy quite a bit of vegan cooking in the context of our non-vegan lives, we created “Virgin Vegan: Everyday Recipes for Satisfying Your Appetite”. for Gibbs Smith, as part of their Virgin Vegan series. CHECK IT OUT!


So to celebrate, we’ve shared a different recipe from our new baby every day this week – and as of Monday we’ll give away five copies. You can enter each and every day, and we’ll tally up ALL the entries from all 5 posts to select our five winners via Random.org. Like so:

1. Any single comment counts as an entry all on its own (one per post)
2. Share that day’s recipe post on Facebook
3. Pin it on Pinterest
4. And of course, Tweet it.

Once comment for each of the above actions, as per usual! When you post, please make sure you’re using a valid email address so we can get in touch with you for shipping info.

You can continue to comment and share through Saturday night. We will announce the winner on Monday!

On to today’s sample recipes – a threebie!

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Cranberry Pear Chutney: A Little Foreshadowing of Fall

Spicy, Tangy Cranberry Pear Chutney

I’m lucky to be living in a house that has two fruit trees in the backyard, a pear and a plum. All summer long it’s been positively miraculous to see them growing from amusingly adorable miniatures (have you ever seen a tiny baby pear? As cute as a fruit can be) to real, bona fide, all-grown-up-fruit. The time has finally come and the pear tree is positively exploding with its bounty.

Though I also fantasized about poached pears in wine, frangipane tarts and fresh fruit salad, I knew months ago that what I wanted to make most was chutney. I thought cranberries would pair beautifully with the pears, underscoring the tangy, slightly sour tartness of a good chutney – I love how they hang in the balance between sweet and savory. …

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Honeydew Jam with Mint and a Touch of Lime

Honeydew Jam with Mint and a Touch of Lime. Sweet and surprising!

The inspiration just keeps on rolling in. Along with “Putting Up”, the book in our current giveaway, I’ve been perusing  “Food in Jars”, the recent smash hit that was all the rage at BlogHer Food 2012- and for good reason. The first recipe I tried was a completely new one for me – cantaloupe jam. I’d never, ever heard of such a thing.

Now, unlike Donna, honeydew happens to be my absolute favorite melon of all. Underripe ones are bland and blah, but a perfectly ripe one? Shangri-la in melon form. So I thought I’d try adapting her recipe with honeydew in place of cantaloupe, using flavors more complementary to honeydew.

Don’t you love it when your hunches turn out to be right? …

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