Cinnamon Apple Cider Slush

A beverage that’s both refreshing and still very much flavored by fall.

Cinnamon Apple Cider Slush

Cinnamon Apple Cider Slush

Fresh apple cider is always an autumn treat to look forward to, but I thought I’d try jazzing it up in a very simple way. This may be the perfect beverage for a Thanksgiving table – still full of classic fall flavor, but a cool, refreshing counterbalance to the hot, hearty and often rich holiday fare.

Getting to test drive a Nutri-Ninja Duo blender thanks to the team who hooked us up at IFBC this year was a total bonus. And yes, I will totally vouch for its design, ease of use and efficiency. This recipe uses 14 ice cubes, and it was rendered into delicious slush in seconds flat, thanks to the blade that spirals up the center of the pitcher.  And for extremely easy cleaning, that blade lifts right out – no having to scrape tediously around it at the bottom. But no matter what blender you have, this might be your next autumnal addiction. 


3 1/2 cups apple cider (approximately)
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Yep, that’s all there is to it! The night before you plan to make this, fill an ice cube tray with cider – most standard ice cube trays hold 1 ounce per cube; mine has 14 cubes, so about 14 ounces went into mine. Freeze overnight.

Empty ice cube tray into blender and add cinnamon and remaining cider (about a cup and a half for me). Blend on high speed until slushie consistency. If you need to add a touch more liquid, go for it. Serve immediately.

— posted by Anne

Disclosure: A Nutri-Ninja Duo was provided for testing. Thanks guys!


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