Corned Beef IN Cabbage Roll-ups: Perfect for St. Paddy’s Leftovers!

Corned Beef and Cabbage Wraps

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow – and yet I’m already brainstorming about leftovers. Because I love lettuce wraps so much (I seriously make a version of this recipe by Kalyn’s Kitchen at least once a week, sometimes more, no exaggeration), it occurred to me that I could try applying the concept of protein + leafy veggie = tasty fun to corned beef and cabbage.  And what better time of year?

What I’m offering here is one of those more-of-an-idea-than-a-recipe posts – it’s that simple. I did actually make my own corned beef for the very first time, something I’ve always wanted to try. For your corned beef, if you have a favorite purveyor,  by all means use theirs. If you like making your own, all the more fun! I basically followed Alton Brown’s instructions, though I subbed maple syrup for the sugar, used a lovely pickling spice blend from Whole Foods, and added a few bay leaves.  It turned out great – but if you have your own recipe or another source you prefer, again, go for it.

SO: After the brining was complete and the corned beef was cooked, all I did was drop some savoy cabbage in the cooking liquid for maybe 4 to 6 minutes, just until they were soft enough to roll up easily. I patted them dry with a clean dishtowel and let the meat cool down a bit.

After the beef cools off, slice it as thinly as your butchering skills allow, place some in the center of each leaf, and squeeze some spicy brown mustard down the center. Roll ‘er up and eat! Simple as that.

I love repurposing food. I think next up will have to be corned beef and sweet potato hash. What do YOU like to do with your leftovers?

— posted by Anne


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    What an absolutely fabulous idea. I absolutely love cabbage and I had planned to made some corned beef this week (for the first time), so this will be a great recipe to try. Thanks for sharing :-)

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    Such a brilliant spin on the Gaelic classic, Anne! I must say that I like the idea of cabbage that is not totally mush. Using it as a wrap is genius.

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    What a fabulous idea! Just finished some egg salad wrapped in lettuce and have become a great fan of food I can skip the bread or flour with. YUM!

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    A completely brilliant idea! I swear you two are so creative (it must run in the family.)

    I’m a big lettuce wrap freak too. Make some type of lettuce wraps at least once a week.

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