Donna’s Kitchen Nirvana (or) How I Organized My Kitchen and Gained Back My Culinary Sanity

DSC_4508My New Zen Baking Center

It’s a New Year! Once again we tear off the calendar page! (ok, I am fully aware that many of you do not have actual paper pages hanging on a wall but small electronic screens only) ((Humor me, please.))

I can now proclaim that one of my perpetual resolutions (organize my kitchen for once and for all, dang it!) just came true!

I was lucky enough to connect with a magical lady that has magical organizing powers: Laura Lawrence of Harmony Within. Laura is a professional organizer and life changer! She spent just a few hours in my kitchen and has changed my culinary life for the better.

DSC_4541Dream Pantry Organized

DSC_4552My Spice Center Organized

I am too embarrassed to tell the world just how bad my kitchen cupboards were pre-Laura. But just imagine this scene:

Cupboard opens. Items fall out. Items spill open. Desperate flailing of arms begins to try to maintain. Person gives up and covers head. Counters and floor covered with spilled flour, beans, cans in a heap. Person gets out keys and heads out for fast food.

No longer, my fab frugal friends!

One cupboard is a baking center. My spice center cupboard is organized with risers, so you can see every single one of my 100-plus spices. No, I am not making this up. My pantry was cleaned completely out and I started by placing things I used most where I can get to them easily. All non-kitchen junk that had accumulated was banished.

This will save me hundreds of hours in the coming year!

My kitchen is now a happy, peaceful place to be!

— posted by Donna


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    Ooooh…I love an organized kitchen cupboard! Love, love the labels on your spices! I had to put labels on my shelves (“cereal” “Boxed Goods” “Canned Goods”) just so my kids would put things back where they had found them. Truly saved my sanity! Congrats!


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