Easy Fourth of July Recipes for Your Patriotic Party Needs

Patriotic Cookie Tarts

Easy enough for a preschooler to make. And – Pretty enough for a fancy picnic.

So if you come to my house anytime in July – and. really, who am I kidding? August, too – you will see red white and blue decor everywhere. Little Uncle Sams and Betsy Rosses abound. Flags in various shapes and sizes. And, I LOVE making red, white and blue food. Isn’t it nice of Mother Nature to produce red and blue fruits for us on the Fourth of July???

So, here, food fans, is two of our favorite from right here at Apron Strings. Easy. Last minute. Festive. Flavorful. (( No saluting required! ))

How about these Red White and Blueberry Cookie Tarts that you can even make with tiny kids! Can’t wait for Little Miss Ruby to get old enough to make these with me! (And, yes, I pointed that out so that I could post a cute pic of my little grand darlin’)

Ruby Fourth of July

Itsy Bitsy Betsy Ross!

And finally, I am re-sharing these American Flag fruit skewers I just posted a week ago. An astute commentor pointed out that I had the stripes going the wrong way. Dang it. So, no worries – here are new photos with the correctly positioned stripes!

Fruit Skewers 1

Check out the original INCORRECTLY placed stripes on our original post of American Flag Fruit Skewers.

And, here’s another pic just to reaffirm that I do know what the American flag looks like!

Fruit Skewers 3

Have Fun on the Fourth All!

— posted by Donna



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