Halloween Spider Punch Recipe

I am a firm believer that food should be fun. Most especially Halloween food. And Halloween beverages.

If you have three things on hand you can make a festive drink that will impress all your favorite gouls and goblins. All you need is orange juice, a splash of club soda and grenadine syrup, a pomegranate syrup used mostly by bartenders – but you can find it at any mega mart these days. This drink is basically is a virgin tequila sunrise, my favorite mocktail. To get the “layered” look in the glass, place in glass in the following order: a little grenadine syrup; ice cubes to fill the glass; mix together the club soda and orange juice and then slowly pour that in; more grenadine syrup. That’s it!

This is a re-post and update of a recipe I posted two Hallowens ago, and  presentation idea came from Everyday Food by the Martha Stewart folks – but I changed the beverage to something completely different. Black licorice ropes and black sanding sugar make this presentation spectacular, but are entirely optional. For the spider, just cut some spider “legs” and bundle them together and tie with a long licorice strand. For the black top of the glass, place a piece of tape around top of glass about 1/2 inch from the top. Then, rub corn syrup over the top 1/2 inch and then roll in black sanding sugar. Remove tape. Couldn’t be easier!

Happy Hauntings to You and Yours!

— posted by Donna


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  1. Joni says

    Donna, I absolutely love the presentation of this drink! I am going to do a bit of sanding sugar magic to my Halloween drinks. Great photo and love, love the spider. Joni


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