Fab Frugal Friday: Compost Happens

I can hardly believe we haven’t talked about composting before! We’ve posted about using certain kinds of scraps for stock, but this is equally valid and makes use of even more But Kimberly of The Urban Luddite reminded us of this with her frugal tip: “Dump your food waste, coffee grounds, apple cores, etc. into a kitty-litter bucket with a snap lid. Once a week or so take it outside and dump it on the compost heap. Great for the garden and cuts down on trash – you save money on garden compost AND on trash pickup!”

Now, you can’t just throw anything in there – meat products like bones, and dairy products are out (though eggshells are great. But in general, any type of plan material at all is perfect, including the kinds of trimmings you would never in a million years put into your stock. There are even some paper products that are usable (see the link below). It’s such a no-brainer if you have ANY kind of garden going – and I plan to make serious business out of it this year!

Here are some other great composting resources:

Andrea’s Recipes on A Cheap and Easy Way to Compost
Planet Green on 75 Things You CAN Compost That You Thought You Couldn’t
Composting 101 from The Garden of Oz
Tons of great stuff from The Compost Guy

Happy composting!

— posted by Anne


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    Thanks for the tips on composting. I never think of it because I only have a container garden. I think I’ll start a “teeny tiny compost bin.

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    Well, this is me tickled! We upgraded today, with a worm bin. Now our worms are going to eat some of our compost and give us those lucious black worm castings for the garden. Between the worms and the chickens we won’t have any garbage left before too much longer!


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