Fab Frugal Friday: Congratulations to Syrell!

In lieu of our usual FFF tips, we wanted to share this with y’all: Donna, Anne and Anne’s daughter Lily posed with lucky reader Syrell with her brand-new Cadillac of the kitchen! She just so happens to live nearby (we have a lot of Utah readers), and thought she might as well pick it up in person.

Congratulations again, Syrell! Stop by FFF once in awhile and let us know what masterpieces you are whipping up with this amazing mixer!


  1. Syrell Ash says

    Will do! My first was my favorite bread recipe, and it was SO perfect! The glass bowl makes it so much better because I can see through it instead of having to stand over it! Thanks again, I sure am one grateful winner! And I will keep you posted on my future cooking masterpieces!

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