Fab Frugal Friday: Enlightened Butter Canola Spread Recipe

Enlightened Butter Canola Spread

Enlightened Butter Canola Spread

Our First Anniversary Giveaway has yielded so many fabulous and frugal tips that we have decided to feature some of our favorites in upcoming Fab Frugal Friday tips.

Our first was left by Jim of Jim Heywood Photography fame. He suggested whipping up a half-butter half-canola spread that will keep in the fridge for several weeks.

I LOVE this spread. It has a buttery taste but is smooth, light and maintains its spreadable texture even when chilled. I used unsalted butter because to me it has a fresher taste, and then added kosher salt. And, this spread cost only about $1.50 to make at home, compared to similar purchased butter spreads of the same quantity for about $5.00.

It is so easy to make: just throw equal amounts of butter and canola oil in your mixer (HEY! you could use the mixer you win in our giveaway!) and whip until it looks just like whipped cream. (See photo above!)

Thanks, Jim, for this fab frugal tip!

— posted by Donna


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