Fab Frugal Friday: More food for thought

We promise we’ll get back to the recipes next posting (by Sunday). But I’ve been wanting to share this excellent article for a while now. frugaldad weighs in on how the budget affects the kitchen, and how to stay healthy as well as frugal, in “Help! The Recession is Making Me Fat!” An excerpt:

As more and more Americans look for ways to save money on groceries I imagine we will see a steady rise in obesity rates, already high relative to the rest of the world. I’m one to talk. I’ve been guilty of slashing the food budget and eating cheap things at each meal like cereals, boxed noodles and rices, etc. and have seen my own waistline expand.

After discussing things with my wife we have agreed that we should continue to spend a little more for quality foods and look for other places to sacrifice. Being the frugal person I am, I still look for deals, even on high-quality food items, and use a couple strategies to keep costs down.

He makes a lot of the points we’ve been going on about, like reducing the amount of meat in your diet, and gives some ideas we’ve never thought of, like shaking off your produce before placing it in the bag (hey, every cent counts – why pay for excess water?), and some things we’re planning to cover more in the future, like gardening.

Be sure to read the comments, too! Enjoy.

— posted by Anne

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