Fab Frugal Friday: Penny-wise Corn Cob Vegetable Stock

August 6, 2010 in Frugal Tips, Healthy Fare


I dare you to find a recipe that is more frugal than one that uses spent corn cobs as the main ingredient. Go ahead. Try.

I saw this idea a while back on Eats Well with Others, a fabulous food blog I follow religiously. A few nights ago we had sweet delicious fresh corn with dinner, leaving kernel-free cobs at the end. Perfect timing to try this unusual recipe. Joanne, I put you to the test and you did not fail me! I was afraid the stock would be too sweet, and too, well, corn-y. It was not at all either of those. It reminded me a bit of chicken stock, actually, but just a tiny bit sweeter.

Joanne, I hope you don’t mind that I added a few touches of my own: cumin seeds because – hey! – cumin is great in everything; a few dashes of Frank’s; some fresh lime juice. And, OK, it’s confession time: I went to watch the new episode of The Next Food Network Star and accidentally left it simmering the whole time. So, it simmered much longer than you recommended, Joanne – but – I found that that somehow gave it a more “toasted” flavor, if that makes sense. A happy accident!

Next time you’re tempted to buy that veg stock at the store and spend a fortune for a few cups, try this trick and you’ll have a flavorful broth for only pennies!


Finished Stock - Similar in taste to Chicken Stock

Corn Cob Vegetable Stock

Makes about 4 cups

6 corn cobs, kernels removed
1 red onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic
2 bay leaves
1 tablespoon cumin seeds, crushed
A few sprigs of thyme leaves
2 quarts water
1 teaspoon salt
A few dashes cayenne pepper sauce
Juice of one lime

Cover and simmer all of the above ingredients for about 1 hour.

Strain off stock and season with salt and pepper as desired, cayenne pepper sauce, and lime juice.

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– posted by Donna