Fab Frugal Friday: Raves and Faves!

Thought I would share a few things with you that are recent additions to my all-time faves.

I must admit, until recently I had NEVER had stuffed cabbage of any kind at all – it just wasn’t in my family’s repertoire growing up. Kalyn posted on BlogHer about the wonders of stuffed cabbage (a natural for low-carbers), and then, inspired, Donna created a tasty one of her own, a vegetarian version, for FFF. One of the recipes that Kalyn linked to was Easy Stuffed Cabbage Rolls from Wasabimon.

I decided to try it, as I needed more good phase one entrees, and WOW, is it ever delicious! This is going into my regular rotation for sure. Being me, I had to tweak it a little, and to make it more suitable for phase one, I replaced the rice with red lentils – which worked beautifully (boil 1 cup for 15-20 minutes, drain and set aside until needed in recipe). I also added a few dashes of vinegar to the sauce, but other than that, it’s intact. Do check this out if you’ve never had it!

Next up: some incredible gluten-free AND vegan crackers! Gluten-Free Goddess is always a reliable source of deliciousness, and this was no exception! These are absolutely amazing – they disappear so quickly at every event I’ve brought them to, for good reason. I swear, you would never, ever guess they were either gluten-free OR vegan, much less both!

The first time I made them, they were perfectly crisp. The second time, not so much (though the flavor was still great); I think I didn’t bake them quite long enough, so watch for this. I also cooled them on the rack while still on the parchment paper, which could have contributed, too – definitely remove them from the paper or Silpat before cooling. (Further note on using a Silpat – do not get distracted by your toddler and forget that you’re using one and cut up the crackers with your trusty pizza cutter right there in the pan. D’oh. I now have some strips of Silpat available, if anyone has a use for them.)

Finally, I recently discovered The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen. Everything I’ve made so far has been a home run – seriously delicious, nutrient-dense recipes.  These chocolate chip cookies? I was totally blown away. Get this, they’re not only gluten-free and vegan, but flourless, PERIOD, and free of refined sugar (they use pureed dates and honey – I used brown rice syrup in place of the honey)! Wow, a cookie I can actually feel good about feeding to my child.

Make no mistake, they’re not low-calorie, and despite being protein-rich (due to the almond butter) they’re not exactly low-carb either. But when you want a splurge that is still a nourishing food, boy oh boy, is this ever your recipe. (I would venture to bet the same is true of any baked good on their site.) If you don’t think something gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and flourless can be make-you-weak-in-the-knees delicious, think again – and make these ASAP.

Hope you check at least one of these out! I’ve made them all so often in recent weeks I felt compelled to share them with the world.

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