Fab Frugal Friday Tip: 8-2-4-4 Good Old Fashioned Lemonade

Old Fashioned Lemonade

Old Fashioned Lemonade

Right now lemons and limes are on sale everywhere, and when I saw the sale price, (In my area lemons 3 for $1.00 and limes 5 for $1.00) I grabbed a sack full and ran home to make my Grandma’s lemonade.

I have such good memories of spending summer days with her boiling up a batch of lemonade and then sipping it on the porch with my Grandpa as we “watched the cars go by,” one of his favorite things.

This is the best lemonade you will ever drink, I promise. I don’t know why it is so incredibly delicious. Maybe it’s the boiling of the sugar and water. Maybe it’s the perfect sugar-to-acid combo. Whatever it is, it is well worth your time and very frugal – less than $3.00 for a huge pitcher.

Boil 8 cups water with 2 cups sugar for 2 minutes. Chill. Add in juice from 4 lemons and 4 limes (1 cup total juice). Add ice. Rocking chair optional, but recommended!


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