Fab Frugal Friday Tip: Veggie Scrap Broth

Lately I have been using a lot of veggie broth in place of chicken or beef stock. I like the convenience of the boxed veggie broths at the grocery store, but I have found that the taste varies wildly with each brand. Vegetable broths vary more because there is a huge variety of the types of veggies you can throw into the stockpot.

So, I decided to do some experimenting on my own.

I saved up ALL my veggie scraps for two weeks and kept them in a large zip lock bag in the freezer. At the end, I had two gallon-sized zip lock bags full of things like: the tough ends of asparagus; the root ends of onions; the core of tomatoes; strings from the insides of squash – – the kinds of things I would normally just throw in the trash. I also threw in the rind from a chunk of Parmesan cheese for flavor.

I put them in a huge stockpot, covered them with water and simmered for TWO hours. I was surprised at how long it took, but I kept checking until the scraps were completely mushy and spent.

Once I drained off the liquid, I decided to make a dark flavorful broth similar to beef stock, so I added soy sauce, worchestershire sauce and tomato paste. Yum!!! This is so easy and FREE, so it will become a regular practice in the Kelly kitchen!

— posted by Donna

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