Fab Frugal Friday Tip

One of my favorite frugal recent purchases is an oil mister. I bought one about a year ago at Williams Sonoma for $15.00. It pays for itself within just a few months, because you refill it with your own oil. This mister, made by Orka is about 6 inches tall and holds 4 ounces of oil. It has a built-in filter, so you can add herbs and spices and have fabulous flavored oil that sprays well and is clog-free. In addition to adding a flavorful touch, it also helps you to be low-fat, since you control the amount of oil and the mist is very fine. I liked the first one so much, I recently went back and bought another. Now I keep both garlic flavored and plain oil in my baking cupboard. I labeled them “garlic” and “plain” so there’s no mix-ups. This is one kitchen gadget purchase you won’t regret!

— posted by Donna


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