Farina with Fruit Swirls Recipe and An Arizona Girl’s Breakfast Memories


Farina with Fruit Swirls - shown here with strawberry and blueberry

Looking back, I was a wimp.

Those “cold” mornings when I just had to have a hot breakfast to warm me up were only in the ’50’s for a low temp. And yet. I was a skinny kid who knew no colder climes than sunny southern Arizona. My childhood was not easy or stress-free. But for just a moment once in awhile on a “cold” morning, the world was right.

The smooth, ooey gooey steamy bowl of farina goodness was my favorite comfort breakfast, and I begged my mom regularly until she gave in and cooked some. Farina, which is the polenta of the wheat world, is ground wheat germ. And my special touch: swirling in some jam right before eating.

Nowadays, I throw some fruit in the blender, or I use some of my hubby’s morning  smoothie concoction now for the swirled effect. Yum. One bite takes me back.

So, if you are lucky enough to have some cute little people cruising around your house, cook up some farina and let them swirl it with a favorite jam. Heck, try a spoonful of chocolate hazelnut spread for decadent deliciousness. You’ll be creating breakfast memories for generations to come. If you don’t believe fun food memories kids can have with a mom who cooks farina for them, check out Family Friendly Food’s hilarious post about farina porridge mess!

Happy Winter, Everyone!

— posted by Donna


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