Freaky Frugal Halloween Treats: Spider Topped Deviled Egg Recipe

Freaky Frugal Halloween Treats: Spider Topped Deviled Eggs

Budget Friendly Halloween Treats: Spider Topped Deviled Eggs

Can you believe it’s time to dig out the Halloween recipes?!

It’s not too often that you see low-carb Halloween treats – and such cute ones at that! This recipe for jazzed-up deviled eggs is one of the most fun of any holiday treats I have ever made. I make them every year!

This is a great recipe for kids to make with just a little help from an adult – deviled eggs are something my kids could make from about the age of 8. All you do to turn them into a festive holiday appetizer is top them with black olives cut to look like spiders.

You won’t believe how easy these are to make! Just make up a batch of your favorite deviled eggs. I like them pretty plain – just smash the yolks with mustard and mayo. For about 8 eggs, I use two cans of olives – one “jumbo” and one “large.” Cut each large olive in half and place on top in the middle of each deviled egg to form the spider’s “body.” Then, cut a jumbo olive lengthwise to form six spider “legs” and stick them on next to the body. That’s it!

We here at Fab Frugal Food have been inspired many times by the recipes of Kalyn at Kalyn’s kitchen – her low-glycemic deliciousness is fabulous! I decided that the world needed another low-glycemic treat on the holiday that puts sugar at the center of the festivities!

Almost-instant, frugal low-sugar Halloween treats that look fabulous! Martha, are you jealous?

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