Sugar Free Frozen Peach Souffles

Peach Souffle 1865x1865

Bake to Remember – what a lovely thought. Marla at Family Fresh Cooking has started a lovely way for bakers to pay homage to the victims of terrorism who lost their lives on 9-11-2001. Making something delicious comforting and then gathering friends and family members to share love, support and gratitude for our lives and our freedoms – a beautiful way to honor those who fell that day as our nation watched in horror – live on every television screen in America.

I remember watching in horror and then talking on the phone with many loved ones that day – I don’t know why, but perhaps because we needed the comfort of each other on a dark day.

My lovely co-blogger and daughter Anne called me that day. We had only been reunited as a birth mother and daughter a short time by then, and I remember feeling honored that she chose to reach out and call me and we shed tears together that day.

In honor of one of my grandmothers, who loved peaches so much she had a small orchard in her yard, and Grandparents’ Day this Sunday, I decided to join the Bake to Remember event with these luscious little frozen peach souffles. Frozen souffles are so refreshing in the last days of summer, and peach is one of my very favorite flavors. I added almond extract to the dish because almond and peach are a match made in heaven.

Most frozen souffles use real whipped cream, but I decided to go light and used a low calorie whipped topping and low fat cream cheese. But, if you want to go all out on a calorie blitz, the real deal is always good, too. Then, since baking is not required, I used stevia in place of the sugar for a sugar free version. These are just as good as the full fat version – and so cool and refreshing. My hubby, who has type 2 diabetes, ate two!

I’ll be making these again on Sunday, with loved ones close, in remembrance.

— posted by Donna


2 cups crushed shortbread cookie crumbs
1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted
3 cups peeled chopped peaches
8 ounces low fat cream cheese, softened
1 teaspoon almond extract
2 tablespoons stevia, or other sweetener, to taste
4 cups low calorie and low sugar whipped topping (or whipped cream)

Mix together cookie crumbs and butter. Press a little of this mixture into the bottoms of  8 large muffin tins or 8 one-cup ramekins.

Whirl in food processor until smooth the peaches, cream cheese, almond extract, stevia. Gently fold in whipped topping or whipped cream with a rubber spatula.

Spoon mixture into tins or ramekins. Freeze for 2 or more hours, until solid.

Just before serving, remove from freezer and run a kitchen knife that has been held under hot water around edges of tins or ramekins. Serve frozen, garnished with more whipped topping and a peach slice, if desired.


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    This looks delicious, and peaches are so in season in Ontario. I better get right on it, as the weather is slowly turning to chilly fall and we’ll want warm desserts instead of icy! Instead of the low fat cream cheese, I wonder if you could use non-fat yogurt cheese, or would it come out too hard?

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    Donna, these look really wonderful. <3

    I remember that call too! Jim had been on his way to the airport, and turned around after getting there as flights were being grounded, right? Can't believe how time flies.

    • says

      Anne – Yes, I had just dropped him off at the airport, but his flight was cancelled obviously. I went home to find the Kelly kids hadn’t left for school yet. We turned on the TV and watched in horror.


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