Garden Gazpacho Recipe in a Jar – A Gift of Love from Your Garden

Gazpacho in a Jar – A gift from the Garden

I still remember the first time I got a gift from a garden. It was when I had a newborn baby and was in a new town and didn’t know a soul. I was feeling that overwhelming Oh-My-Gosh-I-am-Responsible-for-This-Tiny-Creature! feeling, and very isolated. One day I opened up my front door to a huge pile of produce – blackberries included! – with a sweet note from the gardener. Naturally, I cried. And that gardener became one of my very best friends – of all time. To this day, we talk regularly and laugh and cry together as only old friends can do together.

This year, we at the Kellys have an over-abundance of produce this year – including cherry tomatoes – those little globes of Mother-Nature made candy. So nice of her to create tomatoes in a travel-friendly form.

So, I decided to depart from my usual Salsa Fairy duties ((I am known throughout the neighborhood for leaving jars of spicy smoky goodness on doorsteps)) and spread Gazpacho Love through my little corner of the world.

BTW, did you know that gazpacho was a soup that originally had no tomatoes? Because there were none in Spain until the conquest of the new world. At least that’s what food geek Alton Brown explains in his 1 minute gazpacho production video – worth a look if you’re an AB addict like me.

I decided to make it pretty and layer the veggies in a jar and let the blending be done just before eating.

So,  just attach a note proclaiming Gazpacho Love – with instructions to blend and add tomato juice and seasonings at will.

Even my neighbor kids ask about my garden gifts in anticipation now, so – Be forewarned: You will have a reputation to uphold for generations to come!

— posted by Donna


4 parts diced tomatoes
2 parts diced cucumber
1 part diced bell pepper (I used yellow)
1/2 part thinly sliced green onions
1/2 part extra virgin olive oil
1 handful cilantro leaves
A few cloves of garlic

Place ingredients in a jar in pretty layers. Give with written instructions to the lucky recipient to blend in a blender with tomato juice as desired for taste and consistency and seasonings to taste as desired: salt, pepper, lime or lemon juice, cayenne pepper sauce.

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  1. Kim says

    Did the cherry tomatoes count as part of the 4 parts of chopped tomatoes or is it separate? Thanks. It looks delicious.

  2. jeri says

    What a nice idea, and so pretty. Finding this on my doorstep would absolutely make my day. I wish you were my neighbor.

  3. says

    What a beautiful idea! Cookie mixes in a jar are so popular around the holidays, but this is such a great summer version! I have so many vegetables in my garden, I just need the jars!


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