Green Bean Fries Recipe with Spicy Fry Sauce

Yes, green beans are delicious fried!

Green Bean Fries with Famous Fry Sauce

Green Bean Fries with Famous Fry Sauce

Crispy crunchy outside and with a garden fresh green burst of flavor inside – these are a whole new level of fry deliciousness.

When green beans are piled high on tables at the Farmer’s Market, I just can’t resist taking a paper sack of them home with me. And I wanted to try them in a whole new way, but keep that garden fresh string bean goodness. (( WARNING:  Green Bean Casserole Season is fast approaching – Thanksgiving Day us just a few weeks away. YIKES.)

This way of cooking green beans is my favorite of all time. The cornmeal coating gives a nice crunch, and the beans are perfectly cooked inside by the time the outsides are crunchy golden brown goodness.

I just can’t say enough wonderful things about these “fries.” They are so amazing that I ate a whole plateful before The Hubs got home and had to whip up a new batch for him. He also swooned, BTW.

And, when I moved to the Rocky Mountains, I discovered a new French fry condiment – Fry Sauce. I agree with Sweet Basil blogger Carrian – Utah is all about the Fry Sauce. Basically, mayo and ketchup mixed. But I added a dash of sriracha for heat and smoked paprika for smokiness. This dipping sauce is perfect with these green bean fries.

The downside to discovering these babies: How can I ever eat boring old potato fries again???

Happy end of summer All ~

— posted by Donna

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One pound fresh green beans, stem end removed
1 cup buttermilk
1 cup favorite flour (I used all purpose)
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 cup fine cornmeal (I used Bob’s Red MIll corn flour)
1 teaspoon salt
Peanut oil or vegetable oil

Heat oil to 350 degrees.

Set up a three dish breading station: Flour in on dish; buttermilk in one dish; and then the cornstarch and cornmeal in one dish.

Rinse green beans and toss in flour mixture, then buttermilk, then cornmeal mixture.

Fry the coated beans in small batches until golden brown and delicious.

Sprinkle with salt while still hot.



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