Grilled Pepper Ring Pizza

Grilled Pepper Ring Pizza

My life improved about a million percent when I discovered that you could make pizza on the grill (or flatbread, or crostini, or garlic bread, or pretty much any bread that requires toasting).

When it is summer, nothing is better than grilling, I say!

I was thrilled to see a veggie pizza on my Secret Recipe Club blog for this month – Searching for Spice.

Corina from the UK has a lovely recipe for Vegetable Pizza on her blog – she said it is her first-ever homemade pizza! – and with my garden overflowing and my desperate attempt to keep up with it, I knew this is the recipe I had to make for this month’s Secret Recipe Club.

I was intrigued by her method of rolling out the dough by using not flour but OIL. Seemed strange at first, but then I thought that this would add a crispiness to the crust as well as making rolling easier. It worked like a charm, without adding more flour to the dough and making the dough tougher. Thanks, Corina, for this fabulous trick! I never would have guessed this is your first attempt at homemade pizza crust – it is delightful!

I changed up the sauce and just brushed Corina’s delightful crust with olive oil and herbs, sprinkled on some Parmesan and the grilled pepper rings and the result: OMG Deeeee-lish End-of-Summer Pizza on the Grill!

Happy Meatless Monday, Everyone!

— posted by Donna


First, heat up your BBQ grill.


Put your dough on an oiled pizza stone.


Spoon on the Olive oil and herbs.


Seriously, you just can’t have pizza without Parmesan, can you?


Then, throw on grilled pepper rings and you’re done!

PIZZA CRUST From Corina at Searching for Spice

Makes 2 big pizzas and serves 4

1 tsp dried fast action yeast

300g strong white flour

1 tsp sugar

15g olive oil

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp milk powder + 160 ml water OR 160ml milk

How to Make Pizza Dough

1. Put all the ingredients in the breadmaker. As when I make bread, I put the yeast in first and then the flour and then the other ingredients as the yeast and salt should be kept separated. Set the breadmaker to the dough programme and leave. Mine took 45 minutes. I then left it in the breadmaker to rise again for about an hour.

2. Take the dough out of the breadmaker and knead briefly. Divide into 2 balls. At this point the dough can be frozen or kept in the fridge for a day. Wrap in cling film first before freezing.

3. Lightly oil a baking tray. Roll the dough out. As it may keep shrinking back, be patient and keep working on it. Press it down onto the baking tray to make it as large and thin as possible.

(NOTE: At this point, I departed from Corina’s instructions and just heated my grill to “Screaming Hot” setting, then cooked it on a pizza stone that had been heated on my grill.)


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    I’ve avoided pizza on the grill because it’s so difficult to get the heat just right and avoid scorching. I’m so impressed with your grill pizza stone. Gorgeous pizza!


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