Two Halloween Cheeseball Recipes – Eat, Drink and Be Scary!

Spider Cheese Ball 1865x1865

Spooky Spider Cheeseball Recipe for Halloween Hauntings

Food should be fun, I say. And sometimes weird, freaky or scary. Like on Halloween, for example.

In Halloweens past we have whipped up a jack-o-lantern cheeseball by crushing nacho cheese Doritos and rolling the cheeseball in the crumbs.

Jack-o-Lantern Cheese Ball 1865x1865

This year, I wanted to attempt an all edible spider cheeseball, but was at a loss as to what would be savory and black and edible. Then, I was cleaning out my spice cupboard a few weeks ago and came across a huge jar of black sesame seeds that have been lurking at the back of the top shelf for ages now. BINGO! Black sesame seeds are perfect, and look very spider-ish, I must say.

You can use your favorite cheeseball recipe and then just roll it in the seeds on a plate. Or, use our recipe below. Either way, I promise it will be the hit of the party.

And, if you’re looking for other fun Halloween ideas, go over to the Halloween roundup by Cookin Canuck – so many great ideas!

Happy All Hallow’s Eve, Everyone!


8 ounces regular or light cream cheese, softened
8 ounces cheddar cheese (or other favorite cheese), grated
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
3 green onions, thinly sliced, tops included
1 cup finely crushed Nacho Cheese Doritos chips
4 jumbo sized black olives
1 small dill pickle

Mix together the cream cheese, cheddar, Worcestershire sauce and green onions. Form into a ball and then flatten slightly on top to form a pumpkin shape. Make and indentation on the top where the stem will be placed. Freeze for at least one hour.

Place Dorito crumbs on a plate and roll cheese ball in crumbs. Place on a serving plate.

Cut olive into two triangles for eyes and a jack-o-lantern style mouth.  Stick the eyes and mouth onto cheese ball with toothpicks. Cut pickle in half and place on top, forming a stem.

Serve chilled with crackers, toasted baguette slices or pita crisps.


Omit doritos and use 1 cup of black sesame seeds.

Slice two green olives with pimento stuffing for eyes and a green bell pepper for legs.

— posted by Donna


  1. says

    Made a hummus version of this. Not even close to being as cute (not even close), but darn tasty and my kids thought it was fun. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Amy says

    Mayday! I remember y’all posting a vegetarian version of your bolognese sauce (lentils, if memory serves…) and I came a’hunting but can’t find it. Is it still available anywhere? As much as I would like to make cheeseballs and apple rings, these days, lentil bolognese is a little more my speed :)

    • says

      Yes, Indeed, Amy – Do not panic. Help is on the way. I just checked and we posted our “Battle of the Bolognese sauce in January 2010. Try that search feature again on the top left hand column of the front page – If that doesn’t work, then I can email you the recipe! Happy Fall to you!

  3. says

    I love that your holiday food isn’t all about the sweets. (Not that I have a problem with sweets, but a little moderation is nice, especially at this time of year.)


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