Halloween Spider Deviled Eggs Recipe – A Family Halloween Tradition

Some holidays are just more fun when  kids are around. Like Halloween. I am now in the “scary old lady who gives out candy” stage of life, but still loving life. And keeping Halloween traditions alive.

Every Halloween for the last 30 years we at the Kelly compound have been making Spider Deviled Eggs by topping our favorite deviled eggs with black olive “spiders.” To have giggling kids around the table licking ooey gooey egg yolk filling from their fingers was well worth all the time and mess. My kids love this recipe/tradition. If I ever thought about NOT making these, my kids would whine like crazy: “But Mooooooom, please please PLEASE can we make spider eggs???”

You won’t believe how easy these are to make! Just make up a batch of your favorite deviled eggs. I like them pretty plain – just smash the yolks with mustard and mayo. For about 8 eggs (16 halves), I use two cans of olives – one “jumbo” and one “large.” Cut each large olive in half and place on top in the middle of each deviled egg to form the spider’s “body.” Then, cut a jumbo olive lengthwise to form six long skinny triangle shapes for spider “legs” and stick them on next to the body. That’s it!

Almost-instant, frugal low-sugar Halloween treats that look fabulous and get you rave reviews from every party you take these to. Martha, are you jealous?

— posted by Donna

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  1. Constança says

    I absolutely loved this idea! I didn’t even know what deviled eggs were, it’s not usual in Portugal :)
    BTW, not to be a drag but spiders have 8 legs! ;)
    Will try!

    • says

      Hi Constanca – Yes, you’re the first to comment that my “spiders” have only six legs! I was wondering if someone would notice – the truth is I just couldn’t squeeze eight legs in!!!


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