Healthy Halloween Carrot Rice Ball Jack O’ Lantern Bites Recipe

The words Healthy and Halloween don’t usually appear in the same recipe title. And, I absolutely love decadent Halloween treats myself, don’t get me wrong.

But, taste buds do need a respite now and then. Hence, these healthy Halloween bites.

I created these bites a few years ago by cooking rice in carrot juice to get an orange color – but what surprised me was how delicious they are. Just a bit of sweetness from the carrots and the olives and bell peppers – admittedly for effect – add a savory note. Pure YUM.

Happy Healthy Halloween to You!

–posted by Donna


1 1/2 cups medium or short grain rice
2 cups carrot juice
1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon salt
A handful of black olives, for garnish
A little green bell pepper, for garnish

Boil all ingredients for 15 minutes, or until all liquid is absorbed. Let cool to room temperature.

To make jack o’ lanterns, form small golf ball sized balls out of rice, pressing firmly with hands. (Note: If rice sticks to hands, lightly sprinkle hands with water when rolling.)

To form eyes and mouths, cut black olives into shapes and press into the rice balls. To make stem, cut a small triangle of green bell pepper and stick into rice ball on top.

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