Kicking Off 2014: A Roundup of Veggie-Centric Dishes

Veggie-Centric Recipes to Kick Off 2014!

Raw Beet and Butternut Slaw

‘Tis the season to renew commitments to health and self. There are hundreds of possible approaches out there, so far be it from us to suggest which one is right for YOU as an individual, as every person has unique needs, but the one thing ANY health centered plan has in common? VEGGIES. Lots and lots and lots of veggies! Whether low-carb or vegan or paleo or vegetarian or primal or flexatarian or Weight Watchers or Dukan or primal or or what-have-you, increasing the amount of nutrient-dense vegetables is just a given.

So rather than zero in one one particular approach, we thought we’d share a collection of veggie-centered (as in made only or primarily from vegetables, with other ingredients as accompaniment only) recipes that would be great for just about any plan, either as-is or with only minor modifications. You’re bound to find something that works for you. Hope some of these find their way into your menu regardless of your chosen approach – or even independent of any “approach”.

Cheers for a healthful New Year!


Two versions of gazpacho – WAY ahead of season, but worth it if you can get the produce. One of the most satisfying veg-o-rama recipes you could possibly make!


ALL-VEGGIE Virtuous Veggie Curry. (Don’t let the outdated photo deter you – this is superb in both flavor and healthfulness.)


Pistachio Lemon Spaghetti Squash from our very own cookbook!


Colorful Cauliflower Salad

Crunchy Broccoli Puffs


Two versions of a creamy Green Goddess Cauliflower Rice.


Root Vegetable Chips

Chimichurri No-Potato Salad (with golden beets and rutabagas)


Zucchini Ribbon Quilt Block Salad



Muhammara Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Muhammara: Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper Dip


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