Saturday Morning Low Sugar Green Juice

Green juice – a Kelly family weekend tradition!

Green Juice

Don’t you feel healthier just looking at this juice?

Most juice recipes call for using lots of high sugar fruits – like pineapple, melons, etc. And many smoothie recipes have tons of sugar.

At our house, however, we have a weekend obsession ritual tradition that uses low carb veggies – with just a touch of sweetness from a few apple slices. (Note: You can use a juicer for this, but we have tried it in a good blender – we have a Blendtec – and it works just as well with more fiber added in.)

So, here’s the combo we love: 3 parts celery; 3 parts cucumber; 5 parts spinach; one part apple; a few slices of ginger. DON’T skip the ginger – it gives the juice a kick that is so refreshing. The wonderful thing about juice recipes is that you can have fun experimenting and going crazy with the veggies and fruits – it took us about a year to develop this combo and we are crazy for it!

I have been reading lots about anti-inflammatory diets and how beneficial they are in reducing risks of heart disease and cancer – and this juice has lots of alkaline foods and ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory. You can drink it just for the deliciousness, of course, but I love drinking in powerful healthy nutrients as well.

I drink this green drink pretty much every Saturday. I miss it and crave it when I don’t get my Saturday Green Juice. It fills me up and makes me feel so good. Saturday Morning Zen. In a glass.

Happy New Year, All~

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