Mock “Sushi” Sandwich Rolls for April Fool’s Day

Fool diners with these “sushi” sandwich rolls.


For April Fool’s Day – how about “sushi” sandwich rolls?

I bought some really unhealthy white soft bread and use that as the “rice” for the sushi rolls. The un-healthier the bread, the better for this recipe (extra white and extra fluffy – Think Wonder Bread). C,’mon, it’s only once a year, after all!  Next, spread the bread slices with purchased garden veggie cream cheese and put matchstick veggies in the center. Then, roll up and slice into 2 inch pieces, and present – on a sushi plate of course!

There are some really foolish April Fool’s food ideas out there in the blogosphere. I like this compost cake found at the Family Fun site. Check out these dinner entrees presented like cupcakes by Cupcakes take the Cake. How about a meatloaf “frosted” with mashed potatoes to look like a cake at The Kitchn.

Whatever you do this April 1, I say GO FOR IT. How many other days each year do you get permission to act like a fool? – even in the kitchen!

— posted by Donna


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    Oh, thank you! I don’t know what I was thinking when I volunteered “bread” as my contribution to a vegetarian meal celebrating April Fool’s day. The dinner is tomorrow night and I have been at a loss (this is just not my kind of thing), but your sushi rolls are perfect. Thank you, thank you!

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    I would have laughed hysterically at the mashed potato ice cream…but then been really sad that there wasn’t ice cream. what can I say. I love my ice cream.

    This strawberry fool looks delicious! Swirls of my favorite berry with cream…sigh. That’s the kind of April fool I need in my life.

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      Linda – We have enjoyed sushi for years, but our kids have only come on board during the last few. Try them out again – you might be surprised!

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