Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas – Simple but Stunning Recipes to Make Mom’s Day

Square Shrimp Avocado Salad

Shrimp Topped Avocado Salad

“When people cook for you, they tell you they value you. They are saying that your relationship is important, and that changes everything.”

So true, so very true. I tore this quote out of a magazine a few years back and taped it on the inside of the cupboard door to my baking cupboard. It was attributed to “anonymous,” though I wish I knew the author so I could thank them.

We salute all those who cook with love for others. And especially Moms today. Moms who chase toddlers while cooking up a stir fry. Moms who let kids roll out the pie dough even though it would be quicker to roll themselves. Moms who share cherished heirloom recipes for Sunday dinners.

And we suggest to all you kids and Dads out there – cook up something for Mom this weekend! No matter how burnt the toast, or gooey the pancake – Mom will love it!

So here we share a few spectacular yet easy recipes to make Mom smile. Like this avocado salad. Grilled Shrimp and Avocado Salad is so “cheffy,” but is really simple to make. Just toss avocado and veggies in a vinaigrette and plate it using a ring mold. (NOTE TO DADS: you can use an empty tuna can with top and bottom cut out.) Then top with shrimp. Cinchy.


Berry Parfaits with Pound Cake Croutons

Five Ingredient Berry Parfaits are so simple and pretty. Just spoon in berries, purchased pound cake cubes, Greek yoghurt and grate a little zest on top. Easy enough for home chefs of all ages!


Julia Child's Cheese Tarts - Simplified

Does Mom love Julia Child recipes? Make her these easy and elegant Cheese Tarts that were a favorite of Julia Child and she’ll swoon with happiness! If you use purchased pie crust – the recipe becomes a five ingredient snap to throw together!


Simple Baked Egg Tarts

Just purchase some pie crust and press into muffin cups or tart shells – add a few more ingredients, crack an egg on top and – beautiful little Baked Egg Tarts to treat mom with!

But, if all else fails, just have a ton of fun making the classic Burnt Toast Breakfast for Mom. You know she’ll say she loves it anyway.


Happy Mother’s Day from Donna and Anne!

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