Mother’s Day Giveaway: Win a Fabulously Flirty Apron!

 Nothing is more fun and fitting for us than a Mother’s Day giveaway.

Mother’s Day Gift for Anne: A drawing by her daughter (and Donna’s granddaughter) Lily. The likeness is uncanny! I do believe I’m wearing a snazzy apron here!

This is our holiday –  motherhood is, of course, at the core of our blog. Though we have also become good friends over the years, that unique, primary connection was definitely the heart of our connection when we were fortunate enough to reunite almost fifteen (!)  years ago. What a journey it has been and continues to be!

(Donna’s note: Anne, my birth daughter, and I reunited in 1999 and for me it was love at first sight – the very first time I saw Anne at the San Diego airport in October 1999, it was a feeling like falling in love. But, a mother-daughter relationship is more than just biology. It is years of loving and nurturing each other. And so, Anne and I started down the road not knowing where it would lead us. It was a surprise to us both that cooking was what would make us close. Our mutual love of cooking – with nearly 15 years now of laughing , sharing and cooking in the kitchen – that healed us, that brought us together, that made “us” who we are.)

This blog is an ongoing labor-of-love project for us, so we always look forward to doing something special for Mother’s Day. And aprons are the ultimate uniform of a loving mom in the kitchen, no? This year we’re excited to offer a giveaway from Flirty Aprons – how perfect, right?

Simply leave a comment below for the chance to win the super-stylin’ apron of your choice. You can leave one comment each day and each one is an entry. For multiple entries, post on social media about this give away and then leave a comment here for each time you shout out. We’ll announce the chosen-at-random winner next Sunday, May 18. (Please make sure a working email address is connected to your username, so we can get in touch with you in case you don’t see the announcement post. We promise not to use it for any other purposes.)



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