Our Apron Strings Thanksgiving Favorites (plus memories of Tofurkeys past).

From our first Thanksgiving: A full Tofurky feast in all its glory.

I knew we HAD to be related when I found out we shared a favorite holiday: yes, the foodiest holiday of all, Thanksgiving!

Donna, we’ve come a long way since our first Thanksgiving together, haven’t we? This was the very first big holiday I got to attend with the rest of your family. I remember being a little worried about being the vegetarian in the midst*. Luckily, even the most traditional turkey dinner includes a veritable cornucopia of hearty sides that are naturally vegetarian, provided that the cooks make note to avoid adding meat products when they’re not central to the dish (i.e. using vegetable stock instead of chicken, etc), and provided that the diner is willing to forego the gravy if necessary. I remember reassuring you that I’d have plenty no matter what, but if we really wanted to go all out, there was always Tofurky.

Yes, for those who haven’t had the pleasure, it’s a stuffed tofu loaf that comes in a box complete with veggie gravy, tempeh drumsticks, and even a Tofurky jerky wishbone. Donna was both generous and game, and set out to procure a Tofurky for me. Lo and behold, it turned out that Tofurky was actually a local product, produced exactly where Donna lived at the time: Hood River Oregon.

We prepared it with love, to the amusement of her other kids (two of whom later became vegetarian themselves), joking that we should create a competing brand, Fauxturkey. And a holiday tradition was born. Little did we know that years later, Donna and I would co-author a tofu cookbook, kicking off our more formal foodie collaboration. Though I no longer eschew meat altogether (as long as it’s well-sourced whenever possible), Tofurky will always have a funky little place in my heart.

Without further ado, let us share some of our favorite recipes from our favorite holiday. Have a wonderful, delicious Thanksgiving, everyone!



 THANKSGIVING CANDY TURKEYS (Be sure to watch the video!)





*Is no longer fully vegetarian, but still loves to eat much “vegetarian food”, as it’s some of the healthiest and most inventive stuff around.



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    Haha I’ve never actually had tofurkey but maybe I’ll make one next year to really SHOCK my parents. :P

    I know that i would have found plenty to eat at your Thanksgiving feast…everything looks more delicious than the next!

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    I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to even try the tofurky!! But the rest of your dishes look absolutely delicious! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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    The Tofurky story is hilarious! I had no idea all of that stuff came in that box.
    Your Thanksgiving menu looks wonderful. I hope you have an amazing Turkey day filled with great family memories :) xo

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    I have my tofurky on hand! I’m a little miffed it comes stuffed though. I might have to see if I can scoop out there stuff and put in my own. Is that crazy? Hope not, because it’s the truth!

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    I knew it too, if ever I had doubts that we are kindred spirits they vanished when you told me your favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Food and family – both in abundance, and gratitude vocalized. What could be better those things intermixed for a holiday?

    I remember the first time we bought the tofurky. We drove 90 minutes to downtown Portland to a gourmet grocery store. (Of course, the joy really is in the journey when you’re riding with a rediscovered daughter and need time to catch up on those two decades of missing years.) We grabbed one of the last few frozen turkey-like flavored tofu rolls remaining at the store and high-fived each other all the way to the parking lot. Then, we read the back of the box. Turns out, irony of ironies, tofurky is made in the same small town we lived in at the time. Never mind the irony. It was the journey that mattered that day.

    Happy T-Day, Anne! That’s Tofurky Day between us, tho the rest of America calls it Turkey Day.

    And may we have an eternity more joyful journeys ahead!

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