Our Ten Most Fab Posts from 2009

We’re feeling reflective about the past year – our first foray into the world of food blogging. We have found much joy in the journey. Looking back, we love so many of our recipes, but definitely had some highlights and favorites, and we thought we’d share a few with you! So in Late Night Letterman style, we present our top ten list for 2009:

1. Our proudest culinary moment (so far!) was when Anne made it to the Food Network as a finalist on the Ultimate Recipe Showdown (click on sidebar at right to watch television history!). WE DARE YOU to make a better vegetarian chili than Anne’s Ultimate Veggie Chili. It is truly amazing! (Note from Anne: Aww, shucks.)

2. Our most viewed post from 2009 was also our most sentimental – Donna’s post about Julia Child’s favorite dessert: her Chocolate Almond Cake. Donna made it to take to her favorite foodie event of the year – a premiere party for the movie Julie and Julia, hosted by Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen fame. It is one of the most memorable cakes you will ever eat – the flavor and creaminess are extraordinary.

3. One of the most fabulous tasting things on the blog this year was our Thai Peanut Drizzled Wilted Spinach. This was so amazing, Donna literally ate the entire batch right out of the wok, minus the one plate for the photo!

4. One of Donna’s lifelong favorite go-to meals (yes, breakfast, lunch or dinner) has always been our version of Huevos Rancheros. So easy and so rich and sassy and fulfilling. When we got a rave review from a business called “House of Breakfast,” we were thrilled to find from their comment that breakfast experts approve of our version!

5. A bold and amazing unique creation of Donna’s was her Dessert Apple Rings. There is nothing anywhere out there even close to these babies! Their beauty will amaze and impress your friends and neighbors, and their sweetness and crunch will send you to culinary heaven.

6. A jar of Pumpkin Parmesan Sauce at Williams Sonoma inspired Donna to try a frugal homemade version, which turned out to be rich and delicious.

7. Anne’s Fire and Ice Nuts have that perfect blend of sweet, hot and spicy – good enough to give as fab frugal gifts – even to impress your boss!

8. The absolute SILLIEST post of the year is a tie: First, Anne’s Mammo-Grahams, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Hosting a fundraiser for Relay for Life, Race for the Cure, Making Strides, or any other cancer-related charity? These are sure to be a big hit.

9. And then there’s Donna’s Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys, the perfect way to use up leftover Halloween candy and delight the kids in your life. Donna’s family has been making these cuties for over 30 years! Make sure to check out the instructional video here!

10. Finally, an extremely healthy selection to add to your New Year’s regimen (’tis the season, after all): Anne’s Southwest Sweet Potato Salad.

Hope you enjoyed! Let us know if there are any favorites of yours that we missed. There are great things to come – stay tuned!

We LOVE food blogging!

— posted by Anne AND Donna


  1. Joyce Jennings says

    Just found your site from Amy’s FB post. What a great source of info and so pretty and appealing. I love the round-up so I can get caught up.

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