Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Stuffed mushroom bites – pizza edition.

Mushroom caps with a pizza filling.

Mushroom caps with a pizza filling. Just think of these as Mushroom Pizzas – but all mushroom and no crust.

I learned to cook in the 80’s. Remember the 80’s? Big hair, florescent fashion. Hammer pants and stuffed mushrooms were all the rage. Classic stuffed mushrooms were typically made with bread crumbs, cheese and sometimes crumbled sausage, and as the fabulous Elise from Simply Recipes declares – every home cook should be able to make this recipe as a go-to appetizer.

With all the couch time coming up in the near future – Hello: Superbowl, Olympics – I decided a twist on the classic 80’s appetizer was in order. I was inspired by Kalyn at Kalyn’s Kitchen, who made fabulous portobello mushroom pizzas. Mine are in handy little bite-size form.

The only trick is getting the water out of the mushroom caps so they won’t be soggy when cooked with the pizza stuffing. So, I brushed the caps with a little oil and roasted them in a hot oven for about 8 minutes. They filled up with water, and I just took them out of the oven and turned them all upside down and let them cool to room temperature. Then, I flipped them back over and stuffed them with pizza fixin’s and gave them a second roast. Perfect!

I just love love LOVE mushrooms – in any way, shape or form. Check out the Mushroom Channel for other mushroom delights.

I bought cute little mini pepperoni slices and used little round slices. Then, I made small round slices from a mozzarella cheese stick. And of course, sliced olives are a must. I made a variety of toppings so you get a different classic pizza bite with each mushroom cap.

Happy couch time everyone!

— posted by Donna

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Make 12 appetizers

12 cremini mushroom caps
A little olive oil for brushing
1/4 cup marinara sauce
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
Assorted favorite pizza toppings

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Place mushroom caps on a baking sheet concave side up. Brush with a little oil. Bake at top of oven for  5 to 8 minutes, until mushrooms are softened. NOTE: Mushroom caps will fill completely with water as they are roasting.

Remove from oven and turn mushroom caps over, emptying water. Let cool to room temperature. Fill mushroom caps with a little marinara, a little cheese and then any favorite toppings.

Return to oven and bake until toppings are warmed and cheese is melted.

Serve immediately.



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