Real Fruit Flavored No Sugar Lemonades

Flavored Lemonades

Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy, especially if you are sitting on a porch swing with a flavored lemonade to sip. Southern Belle fan optional, but recommended.

I love making lemonade with a simple syrup base. But I have discovered that using stevia makes lemonade that is just as delicious. This is when the fun starts. Fruit and herb flavorings for lemonade turn a classic drink into a Wow! drink. I like this ratio: 8 cups water; juice from 4 lemons (plus a little lemon zest if you like), and 1/2 cup stevia. The sweetness level is between you and your taste buds, but I like mine less sweet.

As for the additional flavorings, the possible combos are endless. I do have some favorites so far, although I must add that I will be experimenting all summer long on this one. == Must sacrifice in the name of research, no? == So here are my top three – so far: Pineapple Thyme Lemonade, Cucumber Dill Lemonade and Peach Ginger Lemonade. All refreshing.

The key to getting intense flavors into your lemonade is using freshly muddled fruit and herbs – the technique is hilariously demo’ed over at Chow.

I am not the only one who loves flavored lemonades. Check out some other food bloggers. These lemony drinks are easy enough for kids to make. Or, they can be fancied up for guests with fruit ice cubes.Smoked and Salted Lemonades? Why not? Must try Basil and Mint Lemonade next. I’m also craving sparkling Rosemary Ginger Lemonade.

So many lemonades! So few lazy summer days!

Flavored Lemonades 2


— posted by Donna


  1. Kimberly says

    I thought these were sweetened only with fruit and I got all excited. I’m too spooked by processed stevia though (and I hate the taste of it, too bitter). I was planning to try making fruit-sweetened lemonade at some point this summer, I’ll let you know if it works!


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