Savory S’mores Recipe

Savory S'mores

S’mores Go Savory! with this spin on the classic campfire dessert: grilled zucchini slices, sun dried tomatoes and fontina on crackers.

S’mores have always been one of my very favorite dessert-y snacks. I hate to admit this but s’mores is the one thing that will get me to go camping. My feeling is that camping is fun for everyone but the Mom in the family. Moms have to everything they normally do, but they have to do it in the dirt. With no running water. And smell like smoke the entire time. Not my fave, unless s’mores are added into the equation. Many a memory is made sitting under the stars singing silly camp songs and roasting marshmallows for s’mores.

And, since I am the biggest s’mores fan on the planet, it falls to me to create the first SAVORY version of s’mores. Yes, I know. You’re welcome.

I have been working on this recipe the whole summer. I have tried lots and lots of combos ((I do sacrifice for my art!)) with grilled veggies and cheeses to resemble the classic melty marshmallow and chocolate combo. This, my foodie friends, is the perfect combo for a savory version of s’mores. The grilled zucchini slice makes the cheese melt – and fontina is the ultimate in smooth melting cheese. Then, the diced sun dried tomatoes provide a richness – a role that chocolate plays in the dessert classic.

The one caution I have is that these have to be eaten right after they are assembled, or the bottom cracker becomes soggy and the whole thing falls apart. But, Hey!, that’s the fun of s’mores, after all – gathering around the fire, roasting and assembling on s’more while you are making another. And another. And, well, you know how this ends – too many s’mores for your own good.

Here’s the entire recipe: Get out two large crackers, cut a slice of zucchini a little less than1/2 inch thick and roast or grill it, drain a few slices of sun dried tomatoes in oil and put them on the bottom cracker, place charred zucchini slice on top, place a slice of fontina on top, put top cracker on. Now enjoy just as you would classic s’mores, licking the goo off your fingers as you go!

Perfect Backyard Party Starter!


Why eat just one? They're S'MORES!

Why eat just one? They’re S’MORES!

— posted by Donna

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    I would honestly prefer to never ever go camping…and just inhale these from the comfort of my own home. Thanks for doing so much hard taste testing work to get these bites of heaven to us!

  2. says

    How clever! I’ve melted cheese to go on crackers before, but never thought of decking it up like this. I’ll have to give these a go!

    BTW, I’m also obsessed with s’mores. I did a DIY s’mores bar earlier this summer. Can’t get enough!


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