Sesame Almond Butter Radishes

Sesame Almond Butter radishes

A friend of mine from the South came to a party recently with a platter full of radishes and a small bowl of peanut butter. “What the . . .?” said I. “We dip them and then crunch on them whole,” was her reply. “I’m from the South. It doesn’t have to make sense.” I was astonished, to say the least.

The idea just seemed heinous to me – radishes dipped in peanut butter. That is, until I tried them.

The richness of the peanut butter and the peppery bite of the radishes are a heavenly match. So, so lovely.

I decided to do my own spin, of course. Hey! I’m a food blogger. That’s what I do! So, I tired several nut butters and my favorite is almond butter. If you warm the almond butter, it gets more liquid and is easier to dip. (NOTE: if your almond butter doesn’t behave and thin out like it should, stir in a splash of cream – just enough to thin it, not too much to dilute the flavor.)

You must choose a really great almond butter for this recipe. I like MaraNatha No Stir Roasted Almond Butter, mostly because that extra “roasted” touch is wonderful and give the almond butter a deep flavor.

I also decided that some sort of seeds would go well as a coating – and so I rolled the dipped radishes in roasted sesame seeds. AAaaahhhhh! The perfect bite!

The next time you go to a summer party – take along a huge platter these fabulous DIY noshes, and I promise you will get raves all around!  They are perfect as a starter bit or just on the side of your plate for the meal. You don’t have to keep the leaves on – I did that just for the photo drama. Again, I’m a food blogger. It’s what I do!

Aren’t you happy that summer is here???

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