DIY Stacked Enchiladas

DIY Stacked Enchiladas

I never met an enchilada I didn’t like.

So I love to make enchiladas for a feast for family and friends. They are the perfect blend of spicy, cheesy, savory goodness rolled into a tortilla.

Several years ago, I discovered an easy way to make enchiladas for a crowd. They are so simple, you can even make them on a weeknight. And they are perfect for  a large crowd. Even during the holidays.

And, I love this style of making enchiladas for one more reason: EVERYBODY PUTS THEIR OWN ENCHILADA STACK TOGETHER. HOOOOooooRAY! There is never any whining about what’s in the enchiladas, because each person chooses! Vegetarian? Sure. Vegan? No Problem! Carnivore? Join right in! Fabulously easy. And this is such a festive holiday food, what with the red sauce and green onion/cilantro topping with white crumble cheese like a dusting of snow on top.

This is a fabulous and festive event! Just set out bowls of grated cheese(s) – we like cheddar and Monterey Jack, spiced cooked diced or shredded meats (shredded rotisserie chicken is one of our favorites) and anything else you like to fill your enchiladas with. Then, saute corn tortillas until just soft in butter or oil. Stack them on a plate. Have a pan of simmering enchilada sauce on the stove and let everyone set one corn tortilla on their plate and then slather it with sauce. Top with desired filling(s). Repeat as many times as you like to make a huge stack of spicy southwest yummyness! Then, let each person microwave their stack of southwest goodness for a minute or more. For garnishes, set out some diced tomatoes, queso fresco, diced cilantro, sliced green onions and anything else you like to top your enchiladas. Instant and easy Christmas or New Year’s fiesta!

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  1. Heather K. says

    What a brilliant idea! I think we may have to have a few test runs,so we can get it just right for Christmas eve.

  2. says

    Brilliant idea to use small corn tortillas for individual servings. We love cutting wedges from a stack of giant flour tortillas, but I’m ready to switch to small stacks!

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