Boxing Day Feast, a la Downton Abbey. Smashing!


Glazing the Duck

I’m eternally stoked to be connected with a family that embraces the whimsical theme meal as much as I do. As much as I love Downton Abbey, it was actually NOT my idea to have a Boxing Day Feast in honor of the show’s third season, soon to begin airing stateside (and the spoiler-laden season 3 Christmas Special, for those who were caught up through creative means). This was the brainchild of my sisters Kate and Amy, also avid Downton watchers, food enthusiasts, and costume facilitators. I was merely happy to oblige with a menu:

Calvados-Glazed Roast Duck with Apple Sauce
Bubble & Squeak Patties (with Brussels sprouts)
Cornish Pasties with Butternut Squash, Pine Nuts & Sage
Mushy Peas
Sticky Toffee Ebelskiver Parfaits

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