Cranberry Christmas Crumble: Gluten and Dairy-Free


Cranberry Christmas Crumble with Almond Flour

One of my favorite desserts of all time is raspberry squares, the bar cookie that is almost like a Linzer torte with the extra deliciousness of a streusel topping. Nowadays, I’m always looking for ways to covert classics into gluten-free forms for my sensitive daughter and self – even better if I can pull off dairy-free as well.

With the holiday season approaching, I thought I would try using cranberries in place of the raspberry jam in this beloved bar. Combining cranberries with orange marmalade and a touch of crystallized ginger was the winning combination – and Bob’s Red Mill blanched almond flour was the key component (making them grain-free as well, for those who have other grain sensitivities). Adding some pecans for the streusel topping, makes this packed with protein as well.

Whether you have sensitivities or not, this will be a major crowd-pleaser at the cookie exchange. Spread some cranberry Christmas cheer!

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Cranberry Pear Chutney: A Little Foreshadowing of Fall

Spicy, Tangy Cranberry Pear Chutney

I’m lucky to be living in a house that has two fruit trees in the backyard, a pear and a plum. All summer long it’s been positively miraculous to see them growing from amusingly adorable miniatures (have you ever seen a tiny baby pear? As cute as a fruit can be) to real, bona fide, all-grown-up-fruit. The time has finally come and the pear tree is positively exploding with its bounty.

Though I also fantasized about poached pears in wine, frangipane tarts and fresh fruit salad, I knew months ago that what I wanted to make most was chutney. I thought cranberries would pair beautifully with the pears, underscoring the tangy, slightly sour tartness of a good chutney – I love how they hang in the balance between sweet and savory. …

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Bliss in a Bar: Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Made Gluten-Free

Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars, rendered gluten-free

Wait no more. The time of year has come at last. NO, not Thanksgiving or Christmas themselves, but the magical day when Starbucks stores across the land start selling their limited-time-only Cranberry Bliss bars. The day arrived just yesterday, November 16th. Starbucks pastries are a mixed bag, in my humble, but this is one of their undeniable runaway hits (also sold by the full tray, if that gives you any indication).

Most of you, as foodies, probably know exactly what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t had one of these, either run right out and pick one up  . . . or keep on reading here and try a homemade version that is also, yes, gluten-free!  Celiacs and other gluten sensitive folk can now partake in the joy, the mmm, the bliss that is Cranberry Bliss….

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