Eggnog Almond Bark: Inspired by Trader Joe’s

Eggnog Almond Bark

Eggnog Almond Bark

Do you have a beloved seasonal foodstuff you look forward to rediscovering every December? Some eagerly anticipate the return of Caramel Brulee Lattes and Cranberry Bliss Bars to Starbucks, others count the days until boxes of Candy Cane Joe Joes arrive at Trader Joe’s. A fabulous friend of mine looks forward to getting another item from Trader Joe’s: their Eggnog Almonds. Alas, she found them to be sold out on a recent visit. Being me, I thought I would see if I could surprise her with my own rough re-creation.

As it turns out, making smooth, uniform, individually coated almonds is way beyond my confectionery skill set, but I quickly figured out that the big blob of white chocolate and nuts would make a great bark instead. When I changed course, I roughly chopped THROUGH the blob (which I do not recommend, it was just my only option since it was already combined), spread it on a baking sheet and chilled it. Voila, eggnog bark. I do believe it will now be an annual Thing. …

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Got Leftover Pumpkins? Make Our Easy Candied Pumpkin


Candied Pumpkin - Frugal and Pretty on a Plate!

Make candy from pumpkins? Really? You are no doubt wondering: Have we at FFF taken this whole “frugal” thing a little too far???  I, too, was skeptical. But, for a pleasant surprise, read on My Frugal Friends.

This is one of those “you’ll never guess the secret ingredient” recipes. Your guests will never guess that these little sweet squares that have a texture similar to caramels are actually made of pumpkin flesh. No, really. Put me to the test on these and try this recipe out.

Candied pumpkin is a treat in many cultures, and is not hard to make.

Just cut pumpkin into little squares and then boil them in water and brown sugar and then roast in the oven and you will have a candy-like substance that will please even the pickiest sweet tooth!

With pumpkin so cheap and plentiful right now, this is a fabulous and frugal thing to do. Do try!

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