How to make Sous Vide Chicken in a Home Kitchen – and Massaman Curry Recipe

Massaman curry

Sous Vide Chicken in Massaman Curry

I have always been curious about those sous vide machines, but alas – they are pricey.

Then, I saw a chicken salad recipe in Cook’s Illustrated that used a home version of sous vide – with no fancy equipment at all. Their method is interesting- they just put the chicken right into water, so it is a mild poaching.

I modified their method to keep the chicken in zip top bags, thus keeping the flavor in the chicken and not leaching out into the water.

This method is super easy and quick and results in moist, tender, flavorful chicken. Perfect for my first ever try at Massaman Curry at Home! I followed the lead of the Starving Chef and was not disappointed – but, of course, tweaked a bit.. Massaman is my favorite Thai curry – and I am thrilled to say this beats any restaurant version I have had!

Here are easy instructions and step-by-step Sous Vide photos (AND a bonus Massaman Recipe!):

— posted by Donna

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