Eggelskivers: Easy Fried Eggs in a Whole New Form

Eggelskivers (On a bed of Sauteed Chard.)

Eggelskivers (On a bed of Sauteed Chard.)

Getting a Williams Sonoma box from Donna is always a good thing, and this past Christmas was no exception. This piece of fanciness was her gift to all the siblings, having recently become enamored with the little filled Danish pancakes.

Naturally, we proceeded to try out many variations, including the Sticky Toffee ebelskivers we made for our Downton Abbey Boxing Day Feast, but I had other ideas as well. First and foremost of these ideas: Not pancakes at all, but eggs.

Ebelskiver pan

Ebelskiver pan in action.

So simple, I’m sure all I need to do is show you the picture, but in a nut/eggshell:

1. Heat about half a teaspoon of butter or oil into each well you plan to use in your schmancy specialty pan over medium heat. Give it a little swirl. Yes, the pan is nonstick, but in order to smoothly flip them over, you need just a teeny bit more glide.

2. Carefully crack your eggs into the wells. If they’re extra-large eggs, you may overflow just a bit, but you can either cut the excess away or fold it under itself when you go to flip (step 4). Season with salt and pepper while they cook.

3. Cook eggs until about 3/4 of the whites have become opaque.

4. Carefully flip using a pair of skewers or chopsticks, using one skewer on each side. A good video of the flip in action can be found here; actual flip at 1:45.

5. Cook for another 2 to 3 minutes, depending on how hard you like your eggs cooked.

6. Pop them out of their wells and voila, adorable little fried egg balls.

Serve alongside whatever you like! I was in the mood for greens that day and sauteed up some chard with a touch of red onion and garlic, but whatever floats your breakfast boat!

During picture time, Lily insisted on including her Gak pancake too, so here’s her contribution:



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