CORNUCOPIA: Elotes Taste Test

Whenever I’m in Mexico those street-cart “elotes” are such a treat. There is something about rolling up your sleeves and munching on a fresh-roasted rustic ear of corn slathered with crema and crumbled fragrant cheese that makes you feel like you are experiencing the real culture and cuisine of Mexico.

I decided to try my hand (and grill) at making a homemade version, but the recipes out there in the food blog world were quite varied. Most recommend mayonnaise (Homesick Texan), and (Serious Eats) or sour cream (Big Oven) and (Serious Eats). All recommended lime juice, fragrant cheese (either Queso Cotija, Parmesan even Feta) and a sprinkling of chile powder. One recommends cutting the corn off the cob into a styrofoam cup just like “the best freaking thing on earth you can buy on a street corner.” Amen!

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