Pomegranate Red Velvet Pancakes Recipe

Pomegranate Red Velvet Pancakes

I’m pretty sure there is a law somewhere mandating that every meal on Valentine’s Day must include some chocolate. Yes, even breakfast.

Yet, breakfast should include something healthy. Hmm.

The Prefect Solution: Pomegranate and chocolate. In pancake form.

Lots of folks have made Red Velvet Pancakes. Check out the flap jacks from Deborah at Taste and Tell, the Queen of Red Velvet Innovations – she even has a Red Velvet Week every year! Her Red Velvet Pancakes inspired me.   My contribution to this dish is that I used pomegranate juice – both for the color and for the tartness – which pairs well with the richness of the chocolate.

And for your syrup – use chocolate syrup. Hey! It’s Valentine’s Day!

– posted by Donna

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Joyful Almond Oatmeal Recipe: If This Isn’t THE Best Oatmeal You have Ever Eaten . . .

. . . I will pay you ONE MILLION DOLLARS. (* See end of post for the terms of payment!)

Almond Joy Oatmeal

Joyful Almond Oatmeal

But, seriously. Goldilocks got it right: good porridge is one of the most delicious comfort foods on the planet. This oatmeal porridge recipe was inspired by an 8-hour class I attended recently about cooking with whole grains. And, not just any old grains, but the eight “Super Grains” that contain complete proteins. The class was taught by “Chef Brad,” an executive chef for Bosch, Inc. I learned an amazing amount of information packed into those 8 hours, and am now using grains in so many, many ways I had never even thought possible. More posts on the “super grains” are in your future, my fab frugal friends!!!

(( BTW, Did you know Oatmeal is “sexy” again? I do know we at the Kelly household were waaaaay ahead of this trendiness- we have always LOVED oatmeal. ))

But, I digress. Back to the Most Amazing Oatmeal Ever. This recipe is what would happen if the Almond Joy candy bar was to be reincarnated in oatmeal form. It is as blissful as it is healthy. And so easy – 10 minutes of prep time, max! First, toast the oats in a dry skillet. This gives them a yummy toasted flavor. Then,  throw the oatmeal and some almond milk in your slow cooker late at night and then in the morning when you’re frantically short of time, just stir in the other ingredients and – – – Breakfast Magic in a Bowl.

Bonus: This keeps well in the fridge for a few weeks – just scoop and microwave for a 1 minute hot breakfast!

Goldilocks would find this porridge juuuuuusssssst riiiiiiiiiiight!

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