Final Cookbook Celebration Day: Hummus Done Three Ways


Dueling Garbanzos: Hummus 3 Ways! From Virgin Vegan: Everyday Recipes

Dueling Garbanzos: Hummus 3 Ways! From Virgin Vegan: Everyday Recipes




The final day of our celebration!

If you’re just tuning in, our new cookbook (our second, the first being “101 Things To Do With Tofu”) is coming out officially TODAY.   Because we both enjoy quite a bit of vegan cooking in the context of our non-vegan lives, we created “Virgin Vegan: Everyday Recipes for Satisfying Your Appetite”. for Gibbs Smith, as part of their Virgin Vegan series. CHECK IT OUT!


So to celebrate, we’ve shared a different recipe from our new baby every day this week – and as of Monday we’ll give away five copies. You can enter each and every day, and we’ll tally up ALL the entries from all 5 posts to select our five winners via Like so:

1. Any single comment counts as an entry all on its own (one per post)
2. Share that day’s recipe post on Facebook
3. Pin it on Pinterest
4. And of course, Tweet it.

Once comment for each of the above actions, as per usual! When you post, please make sure you’re using a valid email address so we can get in touch with you for shipping info.

You can continue to comment and share through Saturday night. We will announce the winner on Monday!

On to today’s sample recipes – a threebie!

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Hedy’s Hummus: Tried and Tried and True

Hummus meets hen.

Hummus: So delicious, so open to endless variation, so healthy . . .  SO annoying to photograph. It is beige mush. Blah in color and devoid of shape. It takes a truly gifted food stylist/photographer to really make it look good, aesthetically speaking.

So although the hummus in the picture above looks TERRIBLE, aesthetically speaking, I decided to share this shot because of the honest-to-gods spontaneous chicken photobomb. I was trying my dangdest to get a decent angle and utilize some good natural light, moving around the backyard. I added the dry chickpeas to get some shape and texture in the mix, and, this being a Portland backyard, it has chickens. These happened, also, to be hungry chickens, who thought I was bringing them a fabulous treat. In the above shot, girlfriend is actually pecking at the jar.

On to today’s recipe: This was shared by a friend in a Facebook mom’s group, and I liked her hummus history and recipe testing so much that I decided I just had to share it here, with her permission, as a guest post. …

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Hot Pink Hummus with Fresh Beets

Hummus with fresh beets

As many of you know, I am a bit of a hummus addict. I would eat it every day if I could, I do believe. I love garlicky hummus, lemony hummus, hummus with and without tahini, hummus with avocados and coconut oil,  hummus with roasted red peppers, hummus with pine nuts, hummus with “40 spices”, hummus with sundried tomatoes. I love it in wraps, I love it as a dip for crudite or tortilla chips, I love it spread on toast, I love it just plain eaten by the spoonful. You could say I’m a little obsessed. So when I saw hot pink hummus in the prepared food section of my local co-op, I knew I had to give it a try.

What was the secret ingredient that made it look suspiciously like the homemade play-doh I made recently? Beets, of course! I do like beets, but don’t eat them on a regular basis, which is a shame since they’re loaded with nutrition, especially folate (so pass this on to any pregnant or nursing mama you know), but also vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and iron.

As with any hummus, it’s as simple to make as can be (the beet is raw; no extra work beside peeling it, though I wonder about leaving it unpeeled and just scrubbed thoroughly – I’ll give this a try sometime!), and any of the amounts are endlessly adjustable – you should absolutely taste as you go. I added a bit of cinnamon and cumin to this variation, which really paired well with the sort of bright earthiness of the beet flavor; this gives it a bit of a Mediterranean angle. Get your Cuisinart out and give this a whirl!

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California Rainbow Chard Wraps

I do believe I’ve finally hit the summer wrap jackpot. I love wraps of all kinds, and have lately been infatuated with the Alchemy Wrap using teff, but as the days get hotter and the produce gets more plentiful, I’ve been craving something lighter still. I think I’ve devised a winning combination: my California Rainbow Chard Wrap, using hummus made with avocado and a touch of coconut oil, sprouts, grated carrot, marinated artichoke hearts, and topped with toasted pine nuts. …

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