Fab Frugal Friday: Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys

Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys

Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys

I love to have a little something fun to put on our Thanksgiving table!

For at least 20 years – since my kids were little guys – our family has been making these little candy turkeys to put at each place setting on Thanksgiving day. Sometimes we get ambitious and make dozens of them and take them around to all the neighbors the day before Thanksgiving.  These are so fun and festive and easy enough for a 5 year old to put together.

All you do is purchase candy and some vanilla wafers and “glue” them together with some chocolate frosting and Voila! — instant candy turkeys. I love the little “burnt peanut” candy head – somehow it is perfect for a turkey head. They’re completely edible, too. Yum!

For each candy turkey you will need: 2 vanilla wafers; a Hershey’s kiss; a mini-Reece’s peanut butter cup; 3 candy corns with white tip cut off; 1 burnt peanut candy; and about 1/2 tablespoon of chocolate frosting. Spread the chocolate frosting on with a butter knife and then “glue” the rest of the candy on as shown above.

Make this a new family tradition for Thanksgiving!

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Hard Maple Syrup Candy, Slash Food (these are beautiful!)

— posted by Donna