Quinoa Arancini with Easy Aioli

Quinoa Rice Balls

Think arancini, only with quinoa.

This easy, nutrient-dense dish was inspired by leftovers. Looking at a simple dish of leftover quinoa, I suddenly remembered how easy it was to use leftover rice to make arancini. Lo, a dish was born: Quinoa Arancini. Or should it be Arancinoa? Quinoacini?

Regardless, it works equally well as a side dish, as an appetizer, or as a food to stand in the kitchen eating straight out of the baking dish whilst you ponder which dip is your favorite. (Ask me how I know.)I made it with grain-free flours, and I love the resulting nuttiness of the flavors, but you could easily adapt it to use any flour you like. Oh, and note that I’ve written this with quinoa from scratch just in case you don’t happen to have any ready to go, but if you do, then just use about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of the quinoa.

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Sushotto: Fun Fusion Appetizer for Fab Frugal Friday


Many people know that a classic appetizer, arancini (cheesy Italian rice balls,  often stuffed), can be made from leftover risotto. (And many of you out there will automatically be thinking “Leftover risotto? What on earth is that?” I understand. I have the same response to recipes using ‘leftover’ avocados or wine.)  At any rate, whether you have the restraint to keep leftover risotto overnight or, like me, you purposely made a batch the night before and refrigerated it expressly for this purpose, behold my fun and easy appetizer equation: Risotto + sushi = sushotto. …

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Fab Frugal Friday: Don't Throw Out That Wilted Salad! Turn Leftover Salad into Frugal Pesto

I’m thinking everyone has done this: You stash leftover dressed salad in the fridge thinking you will eat it soon. “C’mon, it’ll be fine,” you say to yourself. Then, you go to the fridge later and discover a sad, soggy, wilted pile where your fresh salad used to be.

My sister Sandy, an amazing cook, posted a tip on my other food blog, Everyday Southwest, that uses up wilted salad that you would otherwise throw out. This is such a fabulous and frugal idea, I just had to share it with all my fab frugal friends. It’s not just frugal, it’s FREE – if you consider that you are using food that you would otherwise throw away!

So here- with kudos to Sandy – is how to turn wilted spinach salad into a fab FREE pesto!

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