Nutella Tortilla Snowflakes Recipe

Nutella Snowflakes

Happy World Nutella Day, Food Fans! And thanks, Nutella, for creating a celebration day that even Dorie Greenspan can get behind!

I remember the first time I tasted Nutella. That bite literally made me swoon. This is because Nutella has super powers. Really. And now, I use it in every single way possible. Just say, in brownies, or  in any experiment I can!

One of the fun things I did with my kids when they were little was to make snowflakes out of tortillas. Edible works of art. What’s better than that? To turn them into crispy, ooey gooey Nutella treats is really a cinch. So, so easy.

Here are the 6 easy steps:

1) buy the thinnest flour tortillas you can find. 2) fold up a tortilla into six parts or eight parts, just like you would if you were making a round paper snowflake. 3) you cut little squares, triangles and circles around the folds to make a snowflake. 4) unfold and toast your snowflake in a large skillet over low heat – turning frequently until fully crisp, lightly browned and toasty. 5) brush on some heated Nutella with a pastry brush. 6) While  still warm, sprinkle on some powdered sugar and – Voila! – edible art!

– posted by Donna

No-Bake Nutella Chocolate Ice Box Cake Recipe

No bake, no fuss – not your Grandma’s Ice Box Cake.
Nutella Ice Box Cake

My grandma’s ice box cake recipe is one of my favorite food memories.

I have lots of other happy memories of her as well.

My great grandma’s hair was a thing of beauty and amazement to me. When I was lucky enough to sleep over at her house, I just couldn’t wait until nighttime. She would sit at her dressing table surrounded by her pretty perfume bottles and soft horsehair brushes and ivory broaches. It was the 1960’s everywhere but in Alta’s bedroom, where it was still the 1920’s. She would take the combs out of her put-up hair and it would cascade down to her waist, soft, wavy and billowy like I just knew a mermaid’s hair would be.  Sometimes she even let me brush it, the biggest thrill of all. Softer than a dream, and shiny from the rainwater she saved to wash it in.

My Grandma Greenhaw loved us grand kids and we knew it by the way she let us “help” her. We sliced ripe summer tomatoes from the garden and arranged them fan-like on the plates. We peeled cucumbers and squash. And the biggest honor of all was helping with the Ice Box Cake.

It wasn’t a cake, really. It was graham crackers with whipped cream – layers and layers and layers until we ran out of crackers. Then, we stuck it in the Ice Box for what seemed like eons, waiting and waiting and waiting impatiently until it was soft and luscious and, well, cake-like. The way it works is that the moisture in the whipped cream softens the graham crackers and turns them into thin cake-like layers. It was a treat fit for a queen and her royal court. We giggled and ate so much our tummys hurt and then she read us stories until she began to nod her head and we all headed off to bed.

I decided to update Alta’s Ice Box Cake, using chocolate graham crackers, something she wouldn’t have dreamed of, and smeared with Nutella, also unknown to Alta, before slathering on the whipped cream. The flavors are richer than Alta’s, but the texture takes me right back to nights on her porch eating Ice Box Cake until we were sick. It’s the perfect “cake” for summertime, because there’s no baking required. No heating up your already steamy kitchen. And My! Oh My! is it luscious.


Alta Frances Greenhaw – circa 1920 (above) and 1970 (below)

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