Pomegranate Red Velvet Pancakes Recipe

Pomegranate Red Velvet Pancakes

I’m pretty sure there is a law somewhere mandating that every meal on Valentine’s Day must include some chocolate. Yes, even breakfast.

Yet, breakfast should include something healthy. Hmm.

The Prefect Solution: Pomegranate and chocolate. In pancake form.

Lots of folks have made Red Velvet Pancakes. Check out the flap jacks from Deborah at Taste and Tell, the Queen of Red Velvet Innovations – she even has a Red Velvet Week every year! Her Red Velvet Pancakes inspired me.   My contribution to this dish is that I used pomegranate juice – both for the color and for the tartness – which pairs well with the richness of the chocolate.

And for your syrup – use chocolate syrup. Hey! It’s Valentine’s Day!

— posted by Donna

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