Crunchy Broccoli Cheese Puffs (Dairy-Free)


Crunchy Broccoli Cheese* Puffs (Dairy-Free)

I adore kale chips, whether making my own versions or buying different varieties in the store. But let’s face it – less than half of the bag consists of “chips” and the rest is crumbly flakes. TASTY crumbly flakes, to be sure, but still. While making a dairy-free cheese sauce form some broccoli recently, it occurred to me that they might make a more hardy nutrient-dense snack food, if given essentially the same treatment I give my kale. Well, I have another new addiction. Yay? My housemate tasted them and approved, noting that they were like extra-healthy Veggie Booty, only more substantial. I think that’s pretty apt – they’re more crunchy than crispy, and you do need to give it a good long dehydrating (a few of my larger pieces still had a touch of softness to them, which could have been fixed with another hour or two, but most of the puffs were totally done and darn it, I was hungry. Test drive these with your kiddos! Qualifying as vegan, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo, a healthier crunchy munch will be hard to find. …

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